Our Team

Shanae "Shaynazzle" Barton

Shanae is a natural born leader. Growing up in the world of dance and having two older brothers, she has the strength and determination to get through almost anything. She loves performing and the costumes and makeup that come with it. She has a strong history working with people and teaching dance. She is currently studying Education and Psychology at university. When she isn’t studying, dancing or experimenting with makeup, she’s gaming! She plays a variety of games but often finds herself back playing overwatch and will always have a special place in her heart for Danganronpa. Although she wouldn’t call herself a hardcore gamer, it’s not uncommon for her competitive side to show. You can catch her shenaningans on her Twitch. Shanae took over presidency in May 2018 after an unexpected resignation from the former president. She has a passion for gaming and people and is very excited to have the opportunity to work with both in this association.

Nicholas "Nicmadness" May
Vice President

Nicholas is a casual gamer who can often been seen hunting for the notorious Chicken dinner on pubg or using the hook of death on league of legends under his alias "ghost of heroes" , When Nicholas isn't working he is studying screen production and Community development at Murdoch University. Nicholas is passionate about E-sports and wants to give back so that a vibrant E-sports community can thrive.

Chloe "Dawnfire" Bufton

Chloe is an avid gamer and eSports fanatic. When not intensely gaming throughout the day/night, Chloe makes occasional YouTube videos and sometimes streams on Twitch (when she has the internet for it). Her other hobbies include reading, writing stories and playing the piano. Her main goals are to be a recognised shoutcaster and streamer. Chloe joined PCGA in March 2018 to become more involved with the eSports scene in WA and to help promote it far and wide.

Brock "Abrokalypse" O'Neill

An enigma shipped in from Queensland in 2017, Brock has a study history consisting of Business Management and Networking. He is currently studying Forensic Biology and Toxicology in his hope to become a mad scientist. Brock’s favourite game is Dark Souls, which shows the grit and determination he brings to challenges ahead.

Daniel "Danny6167" Barton
Supplementary Committee

Daniel has a long history of assisting clubs, associations and other community groups with IT and other technical needs. He has experience with a large range of IT services including webhosting and game servers. A casual gamer who enjoys shooters and simulation. Although, you are more likely to find him staring at a bash terminal or a piece of code.

Celine "shiki1998" See
Supplementary Committee

Celine enjoys playing games on a casual basis; games with great storylines and artwork tend to draw her in. Other than playing games, Celine also likes to draw and write stories. She may seem introverted, but once you get to know her, she becomes more outgoing. Celine also loves to help people out, so feel free to approach her if you are struggling with anything.