Smash City Invitational Online Qualifiers

Welcome to PCGA's Smash City Invitational Online Qualifiers!

This is a set of four online tournaments to determine which eight lucky players will get to compete at an offline invitational tournament. The top 2 from each tournament will be the ones who will get to compete at the invitational.
The PCGA Smash City Invitational Online Qualifiers use the official Australian Smash Online ruleset.

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Format: Double Elimination Best of 3 until top 8 which is then a best of 5 6 Minutes, 2 Stocks
Legal Stages: Final Destination, Smashville, Town and City, Lylat Cruise, Battlefield. At the start of a match A-B-B-A Stage striking (banning) will occur. The person who strikes first is decided by the seed of the players. Higher seed choses who bans first. After the first game, the winner bans 1 stage and the loser can pick any other legal stage.
Time Out: If a timeout occurs, the player with the higher stock count takes the game. If both players have even stocks, the player at the lower percent wins. If the percent and stock count is even for both players, a 1 stock 3 minute game will be played to determine that game, with the same timeout rules as other games.
Late: If after 10 minutes of a player being mentioned they have not responded they will be DQ'd.

Competitors need to take into account whether their internet can handle the tournament, if a players internet is found to be to be causing to much lag they will be DQed (after a speed test using to determine which competitors internet is causing the lag)

Omega stages are interchangable with FD and are Gaur Plains, Suzaku Castle, Wily's Castle, that final fantasy one, and Palutenas Temple, if both players agree you can go to another Omega Stage.